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Hyundai is in the process of having to prepare to defend a lawsuit against defective automobiles. It claims that the panoramic sunroofs in its vehicles shatter without warning. According to the hyundai news the lawsuit has been filed by Billy Glen, on behalf of himself and others who have been affected. The lawsuit is specific to a time period during the mid-2000’s when manufacturers brought in a much larger type of “panoramic” sunroof which was almost as big as the roof of the vehicle. This was a trend in the industry at the time.

The lawsuit was filed in California, and it accused the company of not having precautions in place that would have protected drivers. It also states that drivers were never told that the glass could break without warning.

It should be noted by hyundai news that Hyundai did recall twenty thousand cars between 2012 and 2013, based on the possibility of a defect. But the claimant says that the company did not take action to warn customers and drivers about the defect.

It has been said the sound of the shattering glass was so powerful that it sounded like a gunshot, and startled drivers. As the glass shattered on their heads, the danger level was extreme, and even more so when drivers were traveling at high speed.

There are a number of models which have this defect, including Hyundai’s 2011 to 2015 Sonata, Tucson and Veloster, as well as a number of others that have been added to the lawsuit.

According to the hyundai news, it is claimed that there have been over one hundred complaints about the sunroofs (to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration alone), and also that an investigation produced findings that stated the sunroofs were known to be suspect and would shatter. It was said that the main reason was due to the ceramic tint in the glass.

Even based on this evidence, Hyundai has still failed to contact drivers to warn them of this defect, and the risks associated with a shattering sunroof. They are still selling these defective cars, even after the many complaints from customers. This is the reason behind the lawsuit, as noted by the person filing.

The lack of action actually violates California’s consumer protection law which means Hyundai is in breach of any warranty obligations. Billy Glen, the man filing the lawsuit, said that his own panoramic sunroof shattered during a routine drive, without any warning. This happened just six months after he purchased the vehicle from a licensed dealership in Alabama.

After being given a replacement sunroof by the company, that replacement also shattered without any previous signs or warning. This happened just 1 month after it was fitted, Glenn claims.

His claim also cites how many other complaints were submitted with the NHTSA, and all those complaints related to the sunroof issue, specifically how it shattered just a few months after being purchased.

Glenn claims that based on how often the same issue occurs, it must have been known by hyundai news, as the company is known to make extensive studies in the working of its vehicles. There are also many testing phases that were undertaken before the cars were produced, claims Glenn.

Glenn wants to have customers across the US included in his claim. The damages are not specified but are likely to be in excess of five million dollars, as well as an injunction for the car company to contact all customers.

Another manufacturer facing a potential lawsuit relating to sunroofs that shatter is Kia Motors America.

That lawsuit, launched in late June, has claims close to the one against Hyundai. Specifically, the manufacturer knew about the defect for a long time and did not inform customers and drivers.

The outcome of the lawsuit will be eagerly anticipated by consumers and car manufacturers alike, as there will be knock-on effects for both camps of people. It could signal new changes in the way sunroofs are made, and will certainly have an effect on consumer behavior.

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